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Cellulose Powder

Cellulose Powder for Welding Electroeds:

Cellulose Powder is basically Alpha Cellulose and it is derived from cotton or wood pulp. It is inert, non-abrasive, soft and absorbent. Cellulose powder used as binder in welding rods, prevent cracks on body of rods and provide good texture. It leaves practically nothing after incineration and provides inert gas atmosphere at the time of welding.

Technical Specification:

Physical Appearance Off white odorless powder
Ash Content (300 C Temp) 0.50% Max
Loss on Drying 10% Max
pH ( 1% solution 25 deg. C) 5.5 - 7.5
Bulk Density 0.30 to 0.5 gms/liter
Heavy Metal 100 ppm max.
Water Soluble matter 0.2% max
Particle Size  
% On 35 mesh 0
% Through 60 mesh 90 – 98