Pregelatinized Starch


Pregelatinized starch is Physically modified starch, it is partially soluble in Cold water.

Pregelatinized starch is widely used in pharmaceutical because it is bland, odourless and capable of digestion.

Pregelatinized Starch swell in cold water and therefore reduce time/cost compared with traditional starch paste preparation.

Pregelatinized starch is widely used as a pharmaceutical aid, especially as a filler-binder.

Pregelatinized starch greatly endues the compressibility as well as improves the fluidity of the tablets.

Pregelatinized Starch, having excellent flow properties and bulk density, allow homogenous filling of capsules.

Pregelatinized food starch used as thickening, texturing and stabilizing agent in cream fillings, canned, sauces, soup mixes, gravies, tomato ketchup, pasty creams, dairy desserts and other food product industries.

Product Description:

No. Index Specifications
1 Appearance White or Yellowish - White Powder
2 Solubility It swells in colde water
3 Identification Passes
4 pH B/W 4.5 to 7.0
5 Oxidizing Substances NMT 20 ppm
6 Sulfar dioxide NMT 50 ppm
7 Iron NMT 20 ppm
8 Loss on Drying (dry at 130°C for 90 min.) NMT 15.0% w/w
9 Sulphated Ash NMT 0.6%
10 Particle size passing through 60 mesh NMT 95%
11 Microbial Limit :  
          Total Aerobic Count NMT 1000 cfu/g
          Total Yeast and Molds NMT 100 cfu/g
          Escherichia coli Not detected
          Salmonella Not detected


25 kg HDPE Bags & Drums

Stability & Storage:

The product is stable when sealed container stored in shady, dry and ventilated warehouse in normal condition.